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Kowishto' Valkyrie Necklace, Bronze.

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On a personal note, this piece is part of the result of my choice to share my own cultures through this medium. I descend from three distinct and traceable lineages- Japanese, two Southeastern Woodland tribes, and mixed Hessian/Scandinavian line. All ancestors in my mother's clan lineage were skilled in war strategy. This piece came from my desire to integrate my identity, to release my heart and mind from colonial thinking, release myself from this internal battle, as well as my wish to make tangible objects that can provide a sense of solidity and confidence in the wearer. It is formed from two Panther claws, casted back to back to form a bladed weapon like those wielded by Chickasaw hatchet women in the battles of Chokkolissa' in 1736, and bound together by the Web of Wyrd, a Norse symbol that represents Skuld's Net, our personal and collective web of fate, woven by women known as the Norns.

Comes on a 14k gold fill chain.